a film by Manu Gerosa


Documentary // Running Time: 78 min. - 56 min. // Year: 2015 // Countries of Production: Italy, Belgium, Qatar // Shooting Place: Italy // Original language: Italian // Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Dutch



Before life runs out, Ornella decides to confront her aging sister Teresa with a painful untold story that might change their close bond forever.



The two italian sisters Ornella and Teresa have cared for each other through their whole lives, sharing their love for Ornella’s son, Manu, the film director. Teresa is now in her life’s twilight and having problems facing fate. Before it’s too late, Ornella decides to confront Teresa with a painful untold story that goes back to their childhood and might change their close bond forever. The film is a warm portray of an Italian family, seen through the eyes of the son, Manu. With humour and tenderness he brings out what it means to build a life upon a secret.



Productions: Oneworld DocuMakers & Clin d’Oeil Films

Associate Productions: Trentino Film Commission, Flanders Film Funds, Doha Film Institute

Producers: Hanne Phlypo & Antoine Vermeesch

Writer & Director: Manu Gerosa

Editors: Alejandro de la Fuente, Jan Decoster

Script consultancy: Valentina Toldo

Music: Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven

Sound design: Bert Aerts & Senjan Jansen

Mix: Senjan Jansen

Camera: Manu Gerosa, Salva Muñoz, Federico Scienza

Sound editor assistant: Bert Aerts

Foley: Philippe Van Leer

Foley recording: Romain Drouillon

Producers assistants: Maria-Rita La Russa and Paola Tursi

Archival Footage: Carlo Gerosa

Accountancy: Carine Ruelens

Grading: Veerle Zeelmaekers

Graphic design: Amira Daoudi

Publicist: Freddy Neumann

Post production facilities: Filmmore Brussels

Mastering: Authorwave

Subtitling: BTI subtitling.


Sales & Distribution

Slingshot Films

Manuela Buono





Festivals and Awards

Winner of the award “Special Mention Audio Visual Discovery” at the Prix Scam 2017 given by French Author Society (May 2017 – France)

Selected at 13º Bahamas International Film Festival (05-11 December 2016 - Bahamas)

Selected at 9º Panorama European Film Festival (02-12 November - Egypt)

Winner of the award “Special Mention” at 61º Seminci - Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid (22-29 October 2016 - Spain)

Selected at 10º Ânûû-rû Âboro International Film Festival (14-22 October 2016 - New Caledonia)

Selected at 3º Budapest International Documentary Festival (24 September - 02 October 2016 - Hungary)

Selected at 19º Maine International Film Festival (08-17 July 2016 - Maine US)

Selected at 15º EDOC Festival International de Cine Documental (18-29 May 2016 - Ecuador)

Selected at 13º Millennium Docs Against Gravity (13-22 May 2016 Poland)

Winner of the award Cinema AMoRe at 64º Trento Film Festival (28 April - 08 May 2016 - Italy)

Winner of the award "Best Film" at 18º Ismailia International Film Festival (20-26 April 2016 - Egypt)

Winner of the award "Best Film" by EFCA Egyptian Film Critics Association 2016 (Egypt)

Selected at 11º Ambulante Gira de Documentales (31March - 02 June 2016 - Mexico)

Selected at 13º True/False Film Festival (03-06 March 2016 - Missouri US)

Selected at 56º Festival dei Popoli (27 November - 04 December 2015 - Italy)

Winner of the First Prize at Dok.Incubator workshop ( 2014 - Poland - Czech Republic - Germany)

Winner of the award "Best Doc in Progress" Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (March 2013 - Greece)

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